My Toronto: the good, bad & random

Toronto is one of those very rare cities that felt instantly, entirely welcoming to me.

In my three years here, that feeling has endured. Never once have I felt unsafe in the city. That’s pretty incredible!

So consider this my little love letter to my home-away-from-home. While I may not be here forever, there’s security in knowing places like Toronto exist in the world.

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It Begins at Home: Sligo, Ireland

Hey, hi, hello!

It’s a funny thing, beginning to e-document your travels. Suddenly it can seem like you have had a grand total of three experiences in your whole life! But what is normal to you is sparkling magical to someone on the other side of the world.

So you’ve gotten to know ten weird facts about me. It only seems fitting that I tell you a bit about my home as a starting post for TGG. So here it is ladies and gentlemen, my home, my heart, my Sligo. I hope you find a little magic …

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