Be Informed, but make it Efficient

Growing up, we had the 6.01pm news (because I was in Ireland and the Angelus was televised at 6pm, donchaknow). Newspapers were still common and ‘reading the news’ was a prolonged affair.

Things have changed in the last two decades. Now the hunting down and consumption of news is a minefield to say the least. Google ‘news’ and through the magic of geo-tagging, you’ll see the main story in your area … as well as 4.5bn other results.

Then there’s corporate agendas and blinkered reporting. What’s ‘hot in news’ is local and dramatised. Basically, you’re not going to hear about what’s up in Syria unless you go looking … and now you’re exhausted before you’ve even gotten out of bed.

But yet, we prevail. I’ve written a whole post on why I believe keeping up with current affairs is the responsibility of all of us. So here’s my five favourite sources for news on the daily, because being informed is sexy lads!



My first stop every  morning for general current affairs. You know, the stuff you’re unlikely to stumble upon on your usual sites.

I know, I know, your shouldn’t be looking at your phone before you’ve drank a gallon of lemon-water, done your sun salutations and eaten some form of smoothie bowl. But that’s not the life I live folks, don’t judge me for it!

But honestly, Twitter’s where it’s all happening. It’s the first stop for almost anything news-worthy in the world. Journalists are constantly live-tweeting. As are field-experts. And where mainstream-media is a ‘preach from the mountaintop’ situation, the debates on Twitter is where the magic happens. And diversity of perspective matters.

I’ll tell ya this right now, 80% of my traffic to actual news sites is directed by Twitter. I use them as follow-up and sources of background information. Because who has an hour to ‘read the paper’?

Note: spend some time cleaning up who you follow. Delete the accounts that spout clearly-scheduled posts (you’ve probably been aware of the situation for 8hrs by the time they post, it’s embarrassing). You’ll quickly find the high-value users; those who post regularly, engage with others and are knowledgeable in their field. Because, bluster gets called out fast, Twitter-friends!

The Pool

the pool

Being the nasty feminist that I am, I like to know what’s up with my fellow ladies. Like, what’s really up. For this, I fucking love The Pool.

Post-Twitter and shower, I consume my Pool content with my morning coffee before heading out (yes, my morning routine is a nutritionist’s nightmare). It’s no nonsense (like, forget any Jezebel ideas you may have), sharp and topical. These writers look at how current events impact women. They have a diverse list of contributors and are just fairly fab.

It’s not clickbait-y. In fact, unlike almost all other content directed at women, it’s not over-dramatised or squeeky. S’just honest, thoughtful articles – why is this such a rarity?! Check ’em out.

Business of Fashion

Fashion is my first love. Before I knew what feminism was, before I actively followed current affairs, fashion was my poison. Of course, back then, this meant paying a small fortune on monthly magazines and, then, trying to wade through the millions of photo-heavy blogs for some actual, informative information.

Ah … enter Business of Fashion. Imran Ahmed has filled a huge gap in the market with this publication. He’s merged pop culture with industry news and information in such a consumable way.

The ‘Daily Digest’ is a diverse list of what’s up with fashion – from celebrity to detailed niche articles. Features on global fashion weeks, fashion business insight and sharp opinion pieces make this the perfect commute partner.

Basically, if you’re into your fashion (the multi-billion dollar industry), get on this.

Daily Beast Cheat Sheet


I’m an email marketers nightmare. I never open those damn emails, like ever. But this one I make an exception for, because of it’s cost/value ratio. It’s so quick but damn informative.

This is my coffee-break check-in, because, well it’s reassuring to get a list of the top headlines (with the original articles linked), from a global perspective. As I’ve talked about before, I want to keep up but I’m not spending hours reading ‘papers of record’ to do so.

TDB comes to your inbox and fills in any blanks you may have, because nobody wants to be at a loss in front of Susan from accounts, right?



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